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Which public offices have I held?
I was appointed by a Berkeley District Council Member to be on the Early Childhood Task Force in 1997, officially the City of Berkeley Early Childhood Commission in 98’ and elected in November 2008 as Berkeley  School Board Director winning 35% of the vote; obtaining the highest vote in the 2008 school board elections.

My educational background.
I was born and raised in the Mission District of San Francisco and attended SF public schools from elementary to high school. I attended San Francisco State in 1973 and graduated in 1979 with my Bachelor of Arts in La Raza Studies. I received my Masters of Arts from Pacific Oaks College in 2000 in Human Development with an emphasis on Leadership Development.  I received a Community College Instructional Credential in 1985 and have taught in the community college as adjunct faculty in the early childhood department in Los Medanos College, San Francisco City College and Santa Rosa City College and adjunct faculty for Pacific Oaks College in the Child Development Department.

What is my experience and contributions towards educational issues?
I have been a long-time advocate of children and youth.  My work with BAHIA has afforded me many and varied opportunities to advance education from the early years up to higher education.

 For over 31 years I have devoted my professional career to working, developing and strengthening the advancement of early care and education on a local, state and national level with particular focus on bilingual education and low income families. For almost 22 years as Executive Director of BAHIA, a non profit organization providing bilingual child development services, I have administered, managed and supervised a program with a 1.5 million dollar budget, over 37 employees and 4 programs that are primarily focused on bilingual child development services to Latino families as well as a diverse family community that embraces educating children in Spanish.

On a personal and professional interest I have extended my work and passion to serve on boards, task forces, and as an advisory member to organizations that promote the education of students, with a primary focus on young children, youth, early to school age care teachers, their assistants and working with families.

What is my work background?

My career in child development began in the summer of 1971 working as a youth teaching assistant in a Latino non-profit providing child care services in the San Francisco’s Mission District.

As mentioned, I have over 32 years working with children through my employer, BAHIA Inc.  While it may seem that my work background is limited to one employer, I have had varied opportunities in my position to wear many hats and learn skills that have added to my knowledge, skills, and expertise in the field.  I have learned how to promote and support leadership, education, community service, advocacy, parenting, teacher/parent engagement, finance, fundraising, program management and development, operations, human resource, health and well-being of families and community and ensuring legal requirements of operating programs under state and federal guidelines are adhered to.  In short, my experience with BAHIA has allowed me to grow to be the leader I am today in my child development, education and in the Berkeley community.  

Now having served as school board member for one term – I feel I have almost come full circle.  I am very proud of my work experience as it has added to my knowledge and experience as an educator and I have always been able to bring the community based experience and perspective to the school board.   

What professional, civic or social organizations that I belong?

I am a member of the National Association for Young Children, Alameda Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and alumni of LeaderSpring (class of 2006), a fellowship and training for Non-Profit Directors. I am a fellow of Emerge California, which prepares democratic women for political office (class of 2007), a member of the Wellstone Democratic Club and a member of the California Association of Child Care Directors.

I am Co-Chair to the Chicana Latina Foundation (CLF) and have been on the board since 2000. CLF provides scholarship and a leadership institute to Chicana/Latinas in higher education. In 2010 I was invited to join the National Latino Children’s Institute, an organization that supports policy impacting Latino children and families on a national level.  While both organizations are focused on Latino children and youth – both organizations continue to advocate for broader issues impacting students of color and the importance of equity in education.

Endorsements and Upcoming Forums

  • Endorsed by
    • United in Action
    • Berkeley Federation of Teachers
  • Upcoming Forums to attend and show your support
  • September 27th (Thursday) – Amigos de Inmersión Dual de Berkeley

I look forward to obtaining endorsement from the following groups.

  • Alameda Labor Council
  • Alameda County Building Trades Council
  • Berkeley Classified C E
  • Wellstone Club
  • John George Democratic Club
  • East Bay Democratic Club 

How much money do need to raise for the campaign?

I expect and need to aise between $17,000 to $20,000.

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