Focus and Priorities

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What are my goals and priorities?

  • To have a stronger focus as a district on teaching and learning from the board meetings to the classroom.  
  •  Through data and program evaluation identify those programs and board initiatives that have been implemented that are successful and bring those programs to scale that address the opportunity gap.
  • The development and approval of an ELL complete Master Plan that will have not only articulate how the district serves ELL – but will also be part of the professional development and have resources allocated and identified to support its success.
  • Work with the city to find solutions for our homeless students who are truant oftentimes because of their unstable home situation and their families.

How will I achieve these objectives?

  • These objectives will be achieved by having a stronger focus as a board member on teaching/learning; and making it a Board priority, through presentations, study sessions, and data evaluation to spend our meeting time on teaching and learning.
  • As a board member continue to be informed and knowledgeable on the professional trainings that support our staff in Teaching, Learning and implementing with fiduciary district wide initiatives.
  • Continue to build important links and linkages between city resources and our schools, that prioritize our most needies and vunerable children and youth.

Teaching and Learning and Equity

1.  What do you see as the role of a Board member in realizing the 2020 Vision for Berkeley’s children and youth?  What are three steps you'd like BUSD to take to address the equity and opportunity gaps in our district?

Right now I see my role as Board Member in realizing the 2020 Vision for Berkeley children and youth by hiring a Superintendent that has the professional skill and experience to provide leadership to the entire district using the 2020 VISION and having the skill and knowledge to directly addressing the equity and opportunity gaps in our district.

Three Steps to addressing the equity and opportunity in our district:

  • 1. Measure our progress and evaluate the interventions that have been implemented to address the opportunity gap.
  • 2. Evaluate and stay focused on financial resources supporting the 2020 VISION and the district goals of equity in education for those students traditionally underserved and programs that have been cut, reduced or underfunded.
  • 3. Maintain, sustain and continually seek opportunities to be transparent, communicate, involve and engage meaningfully all stakeholders in the 2020 Vision, parents, teachers, staff, the city, the community and students.

2.  How do I plan to meet the educational needs of English Language Learners?  What is my position on bilingual programs and two-way immersion programs?

To meet the educational needs of English Language Learners:

Adopt a Master Plan (MP) for English Language Learners that has 21st solutions and practices that are innovative, proven and data driven. The plan will include:

  • How to serve English Language Learners, Long Term English Learners and to move students to proficiency in their first and 2nd language.
  • Serving English speaking students who do not have proficiency in English by continuing to promote students to proficiency in English and supporting them beyond Level 3. 
  • Promoting Academic Language in the high school and through middle school, specifically targeting students with academically struggling students.  Where students learn from teachers how to utilize Academic language that is necessary for academic success.  It is the language of texts, academic discussion, and professional writing.
  • Training teachers in “Constructing Meaning” a focused support to equip students to construct and express meaning from language.
  • Measuring progress through both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis.
  • increasing parent awareness and education on how our district provides an education pathway for proficiency in native language of students and 2nd language acquisitions.

Position on bilingual programs and two-way immersion programs:

I participate in almost all of the discussions with the TWI Task Force and hear first-hand at forums the issues, concerns and the motivations to consolidate three Two Way Immersions schools into one. While I voted against consolidation, it was primarily because I believe that BUSD needs to have the Master Plan for English Language Learners before we begin to making decisions about what programs will best serve the needs of children.  I am looking for a program model that will educate children to be fluent and proficient bilinguals. Further, programs that are developed to meet the needs of ELL’s also must provide parents and students with intentional, clear and articulated pathways from Pre-K to high school to attain fluency in both languages.  In addition, BUSD’s commitment to students should be to retaining their first language as they acquire fluency in a second language, with the ultimate goal of attaining the Seal of Biliteracy on their transcripts upon high school graduation. I am and will always be committed to working with the Superintendent, staff and my fellow Board members and the community to find the best solution for educating our children.

What distinguishes my goals and priorities from other candidates?

  • I am the board member that works in education, teaching and learning – on a full time basis.  I am the board member that is bilingual and bi-cultural and accessible in the Berkeley community on a daily basis.
  • I am the board member that has been active on the 2020 Vision since its inception – and I committed to run because I fully endorse and support the vision, the work as a board member and as a member of the community.  
  • I have demonstrated my interest in teaching and my support to teachers by visiting schools, participating in the English Language Advisory Council (ELAC) and School Site Councils (for the schools that I am the Board Liaison) and meeting regularly with Berkeley Federation of Teachers Union Leader and with parents.

Economic Issues

What are my budget priorities?

To provide resources to the mandates of the district that include:

  • Kindergarten readiness
  • Third grade reading level proficiency
  • Attendance and truancy issues
  • Developing and supporting the EL Master Plan
  • Student safety

How much money do need to raise for the campaign?

I expect and need to raise between $17,000 to $20,000.

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Can Independent Study students and teachers depend on you to SUPPORT their work with adequate pay for teachers and investment in programs? Stand up to the rest of the Board and say NO to teacher pay cuts!!
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